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Hike More, Worry Less: 5 Trails You Don't Want to Miss


Spring is officially in full swing here in Montana! Despite the occasional snow storm, the community is itching to get out and be active again. Snow in the back country is melting, the sun is shining, temperatures climbing, and more trail heads are opening back up for the summer! Check out these 5 hiking trails with views you do not want to miss!


1. Emerald Lake Trail

Emerald Lake Trail is located in Hyalite Canyon in Bozeman! The trail is approximately 8.9 miles round trip, out and back, and the elevation gain is 1,978 feet. Emerald Lake Trail is accessible from March to September. This trail features the most beautiful lake! It has a slow climb, with incredible views along the way!


2. Sacagawea Peak

Sacagawea Peak is the highest peak in the Bridgers in Bozeman! The trail is approximately 4.1 miles round trip, out and back, and the elevation gain is 1,935 feet. Sacagawea Peak is accessible from June to October. This trail can be extremely windy at the top, but it is well worth the incredible views you get from standing on top of the Bridgers!


3. Storm Castle Peak

Storm Castle Peak is located in the Gallatin Canyon, past the Inn on the Gallatin! The trail is approximately 4.7 miles round trip, out and back, and the elevation gain is 1,883 feet. Storm Castle Peak is accessible year round. This trail gives you incredible views the whole way up, ending with an expanse of the Gallatin Canyon and the river below!


4. Windy Pass Trail

Windy Pass Trail is located just north of Big Sky up Portal Creek access road! The trail is approximately 7.7 miles round trip, a loop, and the elevation gain is 2,096 feet. Windy Pass Trail is accessible from June to October. This trail can be, you guessed it, windy at the top! Rolling views of valleys and mountains make the trek worth it though!


5. Cinnamon Mountain Trail

Cinnamon Mountain Trail is located just south of Big Sky across from the Cinnamon Lodge! The trail is approximately 8.0 miles round trip, out and back, and the elevation gain is 2,627 feet. Cinnamon Mountain Trail is accessible from July to September. This hike is an uphill trek the entire way, but the 360 view at the top is breathtaking! There is also an old fire tower at the top of the mountain!

Farm to Table: Furniture Style


Rory’s Rustic Furniture is featured in the Homestead89 showroom. Having a unique, upscale space to showcase his rustic works was what drove owner, Rory Egelus, to create Homestead89 in the first place. I think we can all agree that Rory’s Rustic Furniture creates absolutely beautiful furniture, accessories, and now installations! Before these beautiful creations hit the showroom floor, reclaimed wood is hand picked to construct a one-of-a-kind piece. Where, you may ask, does Rory get his wood from?

Rory personally seeks out old weathered buildings that are no longer in use and reclaims the salvageable material himself! Each building is located on a piece of picturesque Montana property and has a unique story behind it. Pictured above is Big Red - an old barn that was located in White Sulfur Springs. Big Red is in fact the largest structure Rory has ever reclaimed! With the help of two other men,  the entire project took over 200 hours to complete. Rory has reclaimed several buildings over the years, each becoming part of new furniture and accessories.


Pictured above is the Lind Homestead, also located in White Sulfur Springs. The two barns were used as a cattle shelter, for milking, and sheep ranching during the late 1950s! The lower barn was built in 1916, while the upper barn was built in 1958. The rafters were carefully reclaimed and used to create this beautiful Trailmap Trestle Table and Bench!

This table was handcrafted and is one-of-a-kind! The tabletop and benches feature a live edge, which gives this table set a very unique look!

This calving barn was located just south of Ennis and used for calving every spring! The roof was covered with rusted corrugated metal, which can add a unique touch to rustic furniture trim and doors. Once flattened and sealed, the corrugated metal can be used to accent many different pieces of furniture, including this pair of nightstands!

This pair of nightstands is very unique! They feature a top dovetail alder drawer and bottom soft close cabinet for optimum storage, medley paneling on the sides, and flattened corrugated metal on the front!

The Bigg’s Chicken Coop was located in the Springhill area north of Bozeman. The Bigg’s Family used the chicken coop to raise chicks and harvest eggs for over 40 years! They delivered eggs door to door and to local grocery stores in the Bozeman area! The flooring from the chicken coop was used to construct the Family Bookcase.

The Family Bookcase is truly a rustic beauty with a dark purple patina achieved naturally over decades of use! The bookcase features five shelves, three of which are adjustable!  

Rory doesn’t just reclaim barns and buildings; he has also reclaimed rail cars and many fences and corrals! It is truly incredible to see how the Rory’s Rustic Furniture crew can take old weathered pieces of wood and transform them into something new and beautiful! Next time you see a piece of furniture or accessory handcrafted by Rory’s Rustic Furniture - remember that each piece is unique and comes from a place of Montana history. From barn to living room, Rory’s Rustic Furniture and accessories are truly made in and of Montana!

5 Restaurants You May Not Know About


1. Stacey’s Old Faithful Bar and Steakhouse

Stacey’s Old Faithful Bar and Steakhouse is a local gem located right in the heart of the Gallatin Valley. Owned by Stacey and Phyllis Crosby, Stacey’s is a warm and welcoming western steakhouse that will instantly make you feel at home. The restaurant is well known for its mouth watering steaks; the menu also features delicious burgers and sandwiches too! Learn more about Stacey’s Old Faithful Bar and Steakhouse at

2. Toro

Toro is downtown Bozeman’s latest and greatest Mexican bar and grill. The restaurant is located in the F&H building downtown. Toro’s menu offers a variety of Mexican cuisine including tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and more! The restaurant also offers an excellent Taco Tuesday deal! Learn more about Toro at

3. Horn & Cantle

Horn & Cantle is tucked away in the beautiful mountains at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky. This fine dining institution strives to deliver a unique Montana dining experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Horn & Cantle’s menu boasts a variety of cultures and fresh flavors all prepared to serve you the best of the old west! Learn more about Horn & Cantle at

4. Open Range

Open Range is an up and coming restaurant located in downtown Bozeman. The restaurant stays true to its name offering a spacious place to dine and mingle. Their menu offers a variety of steaks to choose from, as well as many other entree and appetizer options. Open Range offers a must have Montana experience! Learn more about Open Range at

5. The Cafe at the Inn on the Gallatin

The Cafe at the Inn on the Gallatin is nestled right next to the Gallatin River in the Gallatin Canyon. This quaint restaurant offers the best American comfort food in the canyon! Famous for their cinnamon rolls, the Cafe at the Inn offers plenty of scrumptious breakfast options, as well as a variety of burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more for lunch! Learn more about the Cafe at the Inn on the Gallatin at

Made in Montana


At Homestead89, we support local! Our gallery features furniture and art only made by local Montana artists and craftsmen. This is what makes Homestead89 truly unique: every single piece of furniture and art was completely handcrafted in the beautiful treasure state!

We have just over 30 artists featured in the Homestead89 showroom. Each artist is unique and comes from a different place in Montana. Their diversity is evident through the exquisite detail they put into their work. Many of our artists are part of the Made in Montana Corporation as well!

The Made in Montana Corporation supports shopping local and purchasing goods made only in the state of Montana! Made in Montana is part of the Office of Tourism and Business Development of the Montana Department of Commerce.

The Made in Montana Program supports locally grown or made products ranging from food and beverage to agricultural products to building materials to furniture to medical supplies to industrial materials to visual arts and everything in between!

Homestead89 values the dedication and hard work demonstrated by all artists in the state of Montana! We want to share their success and uniqueness with you! Be sure to stop by the showroom to marvel at the works of these talented Montana artists and craftsmen!

What is Homestead89?


You’ve been hearing about this fabulous place called Homestead89, but what exactly is it? We’re glad you asked! Homestead89 is a gallery located in Bozeman, MT that features high end furniture and art made by local Montana artists and craftsmen.

Rory Egelus, a local Montana artist himself, first developed his idea for Homestead89 as a place where he could showcase his own work for Rory’s Rustic Furniture. He wanted a gallery space that was first class and featured quality pieces from local Montana artists that complimented his own work.

Rory visualized and designed the entire gallery himself. He collected 100-year-old bricks from a home getting demolished on Church Street in Bozeman, knowing they would make an exceptional accent wall in the gallery. Slowly, but surely, the gallery came to life. The entire process from conception to completion took about four years.

The gallery space was coming along great, now the place needed a name. Rory finally decided on the name Homestead89. The 89 stands for the year Montana was established - 1889. Homestead is meant to inspire a western rustic getaway that included all of the beautiful furniture and art the gallery would showcase.
The gallery officially opened for business on June 15, 2015. Homestead89 now boasts the work of about 35 artists, all native to Montana. The gallery currently works on a 65/35 consignment agreement, meaning that 65% of each sale goes directly to the artist. Rory would eventually like to see Homestead89 feature up to 50 artists!
Homestead89 currently hosts a Meet-the-Artist Night every few months. This gives local artists the opportunity to be recognized for their talent and interact with the community. Rory would like to see the gallery host even more events in the near future and develop more partnerships that will benefit local artists and the community. We are now featuring our first Montana State University art student’s work!
Since its opening in 2015, Homestead89 has grown into a collaboration of some of the most talented artists and craftsmen in the treasure state. Homestead89 believes in supporting local artists and the community, all while upholding the high level of quality that customers expect and deserve. Be sure to stop in and check out the showroom next time you are in Four Corners!

December Newsletter


Happy Holidays! 

Featured Artist:

Cedar Rose Woodworking

We are so pleased to have Cedar Rose Woodworking included at Homestead89! The artist, Chris Rasmussen, has been hard at work creating some beautiful new pieces that have recently been added to the showroom. His pieces are made from various locally found wood ranging from Juniper, Russian Olive, Willow and Giant Sagebrush. His designs feature unique shapes and textures. 

He will be one of the artists at the upcoming Meet-the-Artist night in January 2017, keep an eye out for the invite along with the date in our January newsletter.

His vases would make wonderful gifts! Please stop by the showroom and see his beautiful work in person! 

Support Local- Shop Handmade

This Holiday season, Homestead89 has some great options for your gift-giving needs! We feature over 25 Montana artists in our gallery. We have gifts ranging from soaps and candles to vases, rugs, cutting boards and handmade games, to only name a few. Let us help make your shopping experience fun and unique this year!

Chinook Winds Bison Yarn & Fiber

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to Homestead89, Bison Rugs from Chinook Winds Bison Yarn & Fiber! These gorgeous rugs are made in Montana by local weavers from local Bison fiber. The rugs are soft but sturdy with eye-catching stripes and textures derived from the different fibers of bison, alpaca, wool and silk. These rugs will be heirlooms for years to come and would make lovely holiday gifts. 

Whitefish Pottery

We have added some colorful new pottery from Whitefish Pottery! These pieces are the perfect combination of form and function. We have patch coffee mugs that feature "Big Sky" and "Last Best Place" patches, pie plates, bowl sets and batter pitchers along with a few other special items. These pieces will fit beautifully in any kitchen!

Gift Ideas

Juniper cribbage board by Montana Wildwoods

Aluminium cribbage board from Superior Sharpening & Machine Works

Set of concrete moose coasters by Angle 33

Moss frame by Sweetgrass Woodworks

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